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Beer Accessories

Beer has long been a favorite beverage among all kinds of people, and in fact has even grown in popularity over recent years thanks to the increasing numbers of craft breweries that have launched new and exciting products onto the market. On the back of these new drinks, manufacturers have introduced many new accessories to improve the beer drinking experience.

Beer Glasses

When we drink cocktails, wine or spirits, we always take care to choose the right glance to enhance the taste and drinking experience. Over the past few years, there has been an increasing importance placed on choosing the right glassware when drinking beer, and ranges of glasses have now been introduced to the market designed to suit certain types of beer.

While we are all aware of the different shaped glasses that can be used to consume the various varieties of wine and liquors, it often comes as a surprise to discover that there are several different shapes of beer glass which can make a considerable difference to the way that you enjoy your drink.

A stylish glass not only gives the drinker a more positive attitude towards their beverage thanks to the improvement in its visual appearance, but its unique shape can even have an effect upon the formation and retention of the head and, in turn, the aroma and flavor of the various compounds in the drink. From traditional mugs to Nonic pint glasses and from traditional Pilsner glassware to Tulip or Goblet shaped vessels, there is a glass to suit every kind of beer.