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Moscow Mule Mugs

Certain drinks are enhanced by the glass in which they are served, and none more so than the Moscow Mule. The best way to present this famous cocktail is in its own distinctive copper mug, not only because of its unique and stylish appearance but also because this type of mug actually enhances the flavor of the drink.

A copper mug cools instantly when the drink hits its bottom and as the copper walls insulate the beverage, it stays perfectly cold even on a hot day. Even better, the rim of the mug will cool straight away, giving a delicious chilled sensation with each sip and the copper handle keeps the body heat of your hand from warming the drink. The beautiful appearance of this type of mug only serves to add to the appeal of this type of cup.



Champagne Flutes

Champagne is one of the most luxurious drinks and it can only truly be enjoyed to the full when sipped from a champagne flute. Research has shown that not only do these distinctive glasses look beautiful but they can actually enhance and improve the flavor of the drink that it contains. An icon of class and luxury, a champagne flute features a thin, tall bowl with a long stem, reflecting elegance and sophistication as well as complete indulgence.

A flute glass has a rough bead at its base which makes the bubbles congregate and rise rapidly up to the surface, capturing and delivering plenty of aroma and flavor to the drinker, creating a major impact on the senses. With their stylish appearance, these glasses are the ideal way of serving this fine beverage.


Globe Wet Bar

Also called a bar globe, these stylish home bars are designed in a globe shape and open up to reveal impressive images such as antique replica frescoes or geographical maps in its interior. The outer surface of the globe is wrapped with an appealing 16th century nautical map replica, resulting in a beautiful and unique decorative item for any room that also fulfils a useful function.

Inside the globe is ample space for storing bottles and glasses, but these are hidden away conveniently when the globe is closed and the bar is not being used. Made by talented craftsmen, these gorgeous items make an appealing accessory for any home and is available in either a table top or a free-standing format. Combining the practicality of a mini-bar with a timeless work of art, these eye-catching drinks cabinets are certain to impress friends and family members alike.