Whiskey Accessories

We all have to buy gifts for many friends and family members throughout the year and there is a good chance that at least one of them will be a whiskey lover who likes nothing more than sampling a fine bourbon or single malt.

If you are looking for the ideal present for the whiskey lover in your life, we have compiled a selection of whiskey accessories that will make wonderful, unique and high quality gifts for the connoisseur in your acquaintance, whether for a birthday, anniversary or for the festive season.

There are many types, sizes and shapes of whiskey decanters available for purchase today, however traditionally a square decanter is used for serving whiskey. Customarily made from crystal or cut glass, these stylish serving vessels come with a stopper and represent an appealing and sophisticated way of presenting liquor.

While wine is usually poured into a decanter in order to open it up and to dispose of sediment, this is not required for liquors like whiskey and therefore a whiskey decanter is solely for decorative purposes, summoning up an elegant image and adding an extra visual element to the serving of your favorite tipple. They make a wonderful gift for a whiskey enthusiast as they are a long-lasting, high quality present.


For a whiskey-lover, there is nothing more pleasant at the end of a hard day than relaxing with a glass of their favorite blend or single malt, and a large part of that enjoyment lies in selecting the right whiskey glass.

There are several styles of whiskey glass to choose from that will enhance the drinking experience. For example, a glass featuring a wide bowl will allow the drinker a better visual appreciation of their drink, while one which gives the drink a larger surface area ensures that the drinker can better appreciate the nose of their tipple.

A standard tumbler feels solid in the hand and has a wide mouth for adding ice while crystal glassware has a sophisticated hint of old-world elegance that is hard to beat.


Anyone who enjoys drinking their whiskey chilled is sure to appreciate the gift of some whiskey stones, as these handy accessories keep your drink perfectly cold without watering down the fine Scotch, bourbon or single malt inside the glass. These non-melting cubes freeze in the same way as traditional ice cubes but, as they do not break down when exposed to heat, they will never spoil the taste of your favorite drink.

Since they are also reusable time and time again, they are the gift that keeps giving, allowing the recipient years of use. Often, these accessories come with their own stylish carrying bag making them an even more appealing present.


Whiskey flasks are an ideal gift for any whiskey-lover as they can be used for a wealth of purposes. Perfect for taking on outings, picnics or to events, a whiskey flask is an essential sophisticated accessory for any keen whiskey drinker.

Whether the recipient would appreciate a small and casual flask that is ideal for everyday use or an ornate and decorative piece that will form a commemorative memento for a special occasion, whiskey flasks can be passed down through the generations as a family heirloom or can be personalized with an intimate message.

There are many different styles, shapes and sizes of whiskey flask available, from practical and classic stainless steel or leather-wrapped designs to modern themed gifts that are ideal for anyone with contemporary tastes.