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Most Popular Whiskey, Bourbon & Scotch Flasks for Men and Women

Most Popular Whiskey, Bourbon & Scotch Flasks for Men and Women

Updated on 2021: A whiskey flask is an iconic item that grows along with its owner. From secretly sipping some illicit booze at the school dance or passing it around your friends under the bleachers, a flask matures beautifully into a sophisticated and essential accessory for any confident drinker. Perfect for taking with you while traveling or out on the trails, a flask can be either a casual, small piece for everyday use or something altogether more special and ornate to be passed through the generations as an heirloom. So what constitutes the perfect flask?

The answer depends very much on your own personal sense of style. Maybe you’re looking for something classy and modern such as a stainless steel design, a larger size to hold more whisky or a compact flask to tuck conveniently into a pocket? Whatever best suits your needs, you’re sure to find something that is perfect for you in our guide to choosing the best whisky flasks.

Popular Flasks for Men

Leather Flasks

Primo Liquor Premium Leather

premium leather 8oz This stylish 8oz Scotch flask features a PU leather design wrap in stylish black/brown. Its cap is made from upgraded, heavy-duty copper and it comes complete with its own funnel and is packaged in an attractive black gift box. This premium product is made from food-grade stainless steel and has been built to last, being 50% thicker than most other similar products. Its smooth edges have been laser welded to guard against roughness and leakages, and it is large enough to hold 8oz (or 5 ½ shots) of your favorite whiskey.

Personalised Custom Initials 6oz Leather Hip Flask

Personalised Custom Initials Leather Hip Flask

An ideal gift for a loved one, or a wonderful solution for taking your favourite tipple out and about with you, this stylish hip flask features a tan PU leather sleeve over its easy to clean stainless steel exterior. The screw-top ensures no leakage while on the move, and with its 6oz capacity, you’ll have no difficulty in enjoying a wee dram on the go. As an added benefit, you can personalise this flask with the initials of the recipient.

Stainless Steel Flasks

Top Shelf Stainless Steel Flask & Funnel Set

Top Shelf Stainless Steel Funnel SetThis 8oz stainless steel Bourbon flask comes with its own handy funnel and is presented in an attractive gift box which makes it an ideal present for any special occasion. Its screw-down cap is soldered to the body and attached with rivets to avoid accidental loss, and as the entire canteen only measures 4 ¾” in height and 3 5/8” in width, it is convenient to slip into a pocket to take along to any function. The inclusive funnel is the perfect size for most bottles making it spill-proof, and every piece has been leak-tested individually for the purchaser’s peace of mind.

Hip Flask Set Silver 8 Oz

Hip Flask Set Silver

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, or just want to treat yourself to a beautiful treat, this gorgeous hip flask set is an excellent choice. Containing a stylish stainless steel flask paired with two matching stainless steel shot glasses and a stainless steel funnel to allow for easier pouring, this set comes with its own attractive gift box, making this the ideal present. 

The DonHill flask is made using only the finest quality food-grade stainless steel and is guaranteed to be both eco-friendly and BPA free for your peace of mind. The 18/8 304 grade stainless steel is used specifically because it will never bend, corrode, rust, or leak for a long useful lifespan.

This flask has been designed with aesthetics and practicality in mind. Its heavy-duty cap is attached to the flask so it will never accidentally get lost, while the flask’s curved shape allows for comfortable holding or easy balancing. Holding 8oz of your favourite liquor, this discreet silver flask set is perfect for taking whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, scotch or tequila anywhere you plan to go, and you can even share your drink with loved ones thanks to the two included shot glasses.

Stainless Steel – Leak Proof – Liquor HipFlask by Future Hydrate

stainless steel leak proof liquor canteen by future hydrateMade from high-quality food-grade stainless steel, this stylish and modern hip-flask is rust and corrosion resistant for a long lifespan. The precision laser-welded seams ensure a smooth and attractive finish while guarding against accidental leaks, and the cap is fixed to the body of the flask with a swing-arm to avoid it being accidentally lost. Holding 8oz of your favorite drink, this will be an appealing gift for any occasion as it comes with a free funnel and stylish black gift box.

Maxam KTFLMAP Flask

maxam antique canteenThis stainless steel hip-flask is a sturdy and sleek way to store your favorite spirit. Its screw-down and discreet cap allows convenient drinking at any time and place, and its polished finish to the top and bottom gives a modern and contemporary look. The exterior of this product displays an attractive Old World map design for added appeal and it comes presented in a white box making it an ideal gift for any recipient.

Travel & Outdoors Flasks

Stanley Classic

stanley classicThe Stanley flask is indeed a true classic with its thick and robust plastic outer shell, stainless steel body and its narrow, slim look. Most commonly found in traditional green, this product is also available in a host of other colors including navy, pink and black, and is guaranteed to be BPA free. It is the ideal and timeless choice for taking along with you on outdoor activities and adventures.

Brown Leather Sportsman Flask And Cup Set

brown leather sportsman cup setThis difficult to find, traditionally-styled, leather-wrapped flask was originally designed for traveling hunters and includes integrated drinking cups in a single convenient package. Made from the highest quality stainless steel, this 10 oz canteen measures 7” in height, and is wrapped in contrast stitched genuine Italian leather. It represents a perfect gift for any keen fisherman, camper or hunter as well as anyone who appreciates the finer things in life.

Cool & Unusual Flasks

Secret Boozy Sunscreen Flask

tipsy tubesThese uniquely designed flasks are ideal for boozy afternoons at the pool. Everybody knows that pool bars charge astronomical prices, but now you can enjoy your favorite drink right at your sun lounger without paying the hefty price tag with this 8 oz “hidden” flask disguised as a bottle of sunscreen! This lightweight and sturdy plastic item comes as a triple pack with one bottle marked “SPF 50 sunscreen”, one marked “bronzer” and the last one marked “hair paste” to allow three types of drink to be carried, with a free funnel being provided with the set. These are safe for poolside use and have strong-sealing screw-on caps to avoid unwanted leaks and spills.

Secret Binoculars

secret binocularsHave more fun at concerts and sporting events when you take along this secret flask cunningly disguised as a pair of binoculars. Holding a pair of separate plastic 8 oz flasks, this is a great way to carry two types of drinks into the event of your choice without attracting unwanted attention. The plastic carrying strap makes transporting this item a breeze, while the inclusive funnel allows for easy refilling.

Hidden Power Bank Flask

Hidden Power Bank Flask

If you’re looking for the perfect way to sneak your favourite alcoholic beverage into events, concerts and festivals, the Binocktails BEV-Bank flask is perfect for you. With the look and feel of a genuine power bank, and even featuring a light and two false USB ports, this is the ideal hidden flask to discreetly bring up to 8oz of alcohol wherever you go and to save money.

Extremely Large Flask

extremely large canteenBig enough to satisfy even the thirstiest of drinkers, this huge stainless steel flask holds a massive 64oz of your favorite drink. With its impressive appearance, this high quality flask features a screw off lid and is a perfect novelty gift. Ideal for use when traveling or when sharing with friends, this product is a great way to celebrate a special occasion.

Walking Cane

walking caneWhat could be more clever and more practical than a walking cane that can also carry your booze? Made by the famous cane-makers at Harvey, this unique flask can hold 10oz of liquor while the cane itself can support weights of up to 250 lbs. The cane is incredibly stylish, made from black anodized aluminum and featuring a smart brass handle. Multi-functional and discreet, this is the ideal way to bring no less than 5 different types of drink into any event of your choice without attracting undue attention thanks to the five integrated hidden flasks in the screw-off top of the cane, all made from hardened glass and featuring airtight caps.

Mini Key Chain

mini key chainWhile drinking and driving is never a good idea, sometimes it’s very handy to have a convenient drink to hand when you’re out and about. And what better way to keep a shot of your favorite liquor close by than with this sturdy stainless steel 1 oz hip flask on your key chain? Measuring just 2.5” in height, it couldn’t be easier to slip this miniature piece into your pocket whenever you leave the house.

Flask Tie

tieIf you hate wearing a suit to work every day, you can make the workplace more fun with this unusual hip flask in the shape of a tie. There is no more discreet way to carry your favorite liquor than in this clever 8oz canteen which is built into what appears to be a traditional tie. You can even choose one in your favorite color or pattern!

Belt Buckle

belt buckleWhy hide away your liquor in your pocket when you can wear it in style? This unusual and cleverly designed hipflask in the shape of a belt buckle has an attractive brushed finish to its sides and a smart, polished look to make you look your best while you carry your favorite drink around with you in an impressively discreet way.

Flask in a Good Book

Flask in a Good Book

This unusual yet beautiful flask looks just like a book and so can slot easily onto a bookshelf, disguising hidden spirits. It’s also compact enough to fit into your pocket so you can discreetly enjoy a tipple on the move. Holding 4oz of alcohol, this stainless steel flask is the ideal gift for any alcohol and book lover, and with a space on its inside cover to write a custom message, it’s a perfect present for any occasion.

Premium Flasks

LANZON Hip Flask with Funnel

Hip Flask with Funnel

Offering a capacity of 6oz, this beautifully designed hip flask features a convenient curved shape so it can easily fit into your pocket while on the move. Made entirely from high-quality stainless steel, this flask is guaranteed to be rust-free and extremely durable. The beautifully polished exterior features exquisite embossed detailing to the front and a non-patterned back. Also included is a funnel for easier pouring of liquor into the flask.

Viski Belmont Plated Flask

Viski Belmont Plated Flask

Suitable for holding up to 6oz of your favourite tipple, this beautifully designed stainless steel flask features sophisticated and luxurious 14 karat gold plating for a touch of class. Thanks to its sleek, slim body and leak-proof lid, it will fit easily into your pocket while on the go, and this makes it an ideal gift for any occasion.

Jack Daniels Licensed Barware Swing Cartouche Flask

Jack Daniels Flask

If you’re purchasing a gift for a Jack Daniel’s fan or even if you love the drink yourself, this 6oz flask is the ideal choice. With its unusual barrel shape, this is an attractive piece of officially licensed barware that won’t fail to impress. Featuring the Jack Daniels logo, this sophisticated flask has a convenient, permanently attached captive top to ensure no leakage while on the move.

Flasks for Women

Hillside-Kit Flask Bangle Bracelet

Flask Bangle Bracelet

The most creative and discreet way to carry your favourite drink around with you, this bangle bracelet is a perfect gift for the woman in your life. Made from high-quality food-grade stainless steel, this flask will never rust and is so sturdy that even if it accidentally falls off your wrist, it will never break. 

Designed to look just like a piece of modern chunky jewellery, the Hillside-Kit hidden flask bracelet is an ideal way to bring your favourite alcohol beverage to festivals and concerts where bringing drinks is forbidden. Not only does it serve a practical function, but it is also beautifully designed and is ideal for anyone who loves fashion jewellery and also enjoys a drink.

Its full AB crystal stone cap and its shiny stainless steel body are eye-catching and effortlessly sophisticated. Its stylish appearance and velvet bag packaging make this an ideal gift for any loved one, whether for a birthday, anniversary, graduation or other special occasion. 

This flask bracelet is designed to be larger than a regular bangle with an outer diameter of 3.93” and an inner diameter of 2.75”. Capable of holding up to 3.5oz of liquid – the same amount as two standard shots, this bracelet flask is also protected by a money-back satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind. 

Red Lipstick Stainless Steel Flask

Red Lipstick Stainless Steel Flask

Whether you’re looking for an ideal gift for a special woman in your life, or whether you’re looking for a great way to sneak 4oz of your favourite alcohol into events in the most discreet way, this red lipstick flask is the perfect choice. Made from strong and durable stainless steel, this dishwasher safe flask isn’t just beautiful, it’s also practical, giving you many years of use.

Therapist you can drink with

girlfriendsTraditionally-styled with a girly twist, this 7oz stainless steel hip flask is fully equipped with a funnel to make refilling a breeze and is decorated with an attractive pink design. Featuring a tightly fitting screw-on top, it also has a classic curved shape to allow for easy and comfortable storage in a pocket.

Old Enough to know better…

old enough to know better...An ideal accessory for any sophisticated lady who enjoys her liquor, this classy 4oz hipflask is made of stainless steel and features an attractive wrap-around design with a witty saying. Small enough to conveniently slip into a pocket, it is just 4 1/4″ high and 2 3/4″ wide making it simple to take with you wherever you go, while the companion funnel makes it simple to refill.

Hip Flask Buying Guide

What is a Hip Flask?

A hip flask is used to carry liquor discreetly with you. Designed to be a convenient size to pop into the pocket of your coat or trousers without being visible, traditionally they were made from either glass, silver or pewter. Today they are more often made from stainless steel or plastic, and many flasks feature captive tops which prevent the user from losing the lid when it is opened. Typically, hip flasks are contoured for a natural fit against the thigh or hip when carried in the pocket, and they are available in a range of shapes with the most popular sizes being 2.5, 4 and 8 ounces in capacity.


Usually, it is used to carry small amounts of liquor into places where it would be inappropriate to bring a full bottle of alcohol. Although it is possible to use it to carry any kind of drink, some liquids may cause rusting so you should take care.


While many hip flasks share similar features, there are several kinds available for purchase. Before you make a decision about which is the right design for you, you should consider what type you are looking for and what you may use it for. It is even possible to engrave most types of flask if you are planning on giving it as a gift for a special occasion.

Vintage or Antique

A vintage or antique flask is an ideal gift, especially if there is an interesting history behind the piece. Usually, a vintage flask will be a collector’s item and will, therefore, be more expensive. An antique flask may also not be suitable for actual use, although it will be an impressive conversation piece.

Stainless Steel

The majority of contemporary hip flasks are manufactured from stainless steel. Some feature an engraving or design, while others are simply plain.


Several modern hip flasks are encased in leather with stainless steel insides. Sometimes, the leather covering encompasses the majority of the flask, while in other cases, it is just a part of the overall design.


Historically, hip flasks were made from silver as it is a non-reactive material that will not flavor or taint the liquor. However, today, it is more difficult to purchase a product made from pure silver.


Although it is still possible to find hip flasks that are made out of pewter, they are not as widely available as they once were and therefore many are now collector’s items.


While you will not find a hip flask made entirely of gold, you will frequently find gold-plated products that give an opulent and decadent look.


When buying a hip flask, you need to be sure you’re buying the right shape to meet your needs. Here are some of the most common shapes available:

Kidney(Hip) – this is the traditional shape that the majority of people associate with hip flasks. This type of flask has square corners and a curved body to fit more comfortably against the thigh or hip, and will typically hold around 6oz of liquor.

Pocket – designed to fit easily into a pocket, this style of flask has rounded corners and a flatter body, most commonly holding 4 or 6oz.

Top Pocket – a top pocket flask is a smaller and narrower style of the pocket canteen. As it is designed to fit in a small top pocket, it only holds around 3oz.

Round Flask – featuring a round shape instead of a square one, this type of flask fits comfortably in a purse or pocket.

Purse – designed for women to carry easily in their purse, this style of flask is shaped similarly to a hip flask but usually only holds about 1 to 3oz of liquor and has a narrower profile.

Special Shaped – it is possible to find flasks that have been designed in a fun or novelty shape. These are an excellent choice for a gift or to commemorate a special event.


Liquor should only be left inside a canteen for a maximum of three days as after that time, it will not taste at its best due to changes in temperature and exposure to the air. Alcohol may also cause rusting and damage to a flask if it is allowed to remain inside for more than a couple of days. Flasks should be regularly cleaned, however, the narrow opening can make this challenging, and a bottle brush is a good idea to scrub the inside effectively.

You should never use soap when cleaning the inside of your flask as a residue may be left behind, and you should never put it into the dishwasher unless it states clearly that it is dishwasher safe. Lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda are three products that work well to clean inside your hip flask, however, you should take care to rinse it out completely and leave it upside down so that it all of the liquid will drain out and it will dry completely. If you only put one type of alcohol into your flask and you are the only person who has drunk from it, you can simply use hot water to clean it effectively.


For generations, people have looked for discreet and simple ways to carry their alcohol with them. In the medieval period, alcohol was often carried around in gutted fruit, while in the 18th century, ladies would often bring alcohol onto British warships inside flasks manufactured from pig bladders. It was not until the 18th century that the gentry started to use hip flasks that are similar in design to those found today, and the Victorian era saw the peak of their popularity, with hip flasks even being outlawed in many areas of America during the prohibition. While the popularity of these products has somewhat declined, antique pieces are now collector’s items.


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