Home whiskey Best Whiskey Glass Set & Tumblers for Bourbon and Scotch on 2021

Best Whiskey Glass Set & Tumblers for Bourbon and Scotch on 2021

Best Whiskey Glass Set & Tumblers for Bourbon and Scotch on 2021

Updated on 2021: There is nothing better at the end of a long day than settling down with a fine glass of single malt. However, you need to choose the right glassware to get the most out of your drink. A quality whiskey deserves a good set of Scotch glasses, and certainly something more upmarket than a standard glass that you would use for soda or milk. Whether you want to add a new Whiskey glass set to your collection or are thinking of buying your first set, in this article, we have gathered some of the best Whiskey glasses on the market.

15 Best Whiskey & Scotch Glasses for 2021

Glencairn Whiskey Glass

GlencairnMade by the Glencairn Crystal Ltd, the Glencairn Glass was inspired by the style of nosing glasses that are in use in whiskey laboratories. This distinct design has a small, tapered opening which concentrates the aromas arising from the Scotch and gives the drinker a better nosing experience. These are the ideal for anyone who likes to drink their Scotch either neat or with a small amount of water added to open up the flavors.

Drinking whisky on the rocks with this glass type is more difficult due to the small opening. This product is made from a beautiful and lustrous crystal, with a sturdy, wide and short base paired with a tulip-shaped body and narrow rim. The wide bowl enables a finer appreciation of the color of the whisky while the solid base is comfortable in hand. Having won the Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2006, this glassware has become the most popular choice for Scotch drinkers while remaining relatively inexpensive.

Reidel Vinum Single Malt Glasses

Riedel Vinum Single MaltThis stylish glass is part of the world-famous Riedel glassware line and is of the high quality that you would expect from this beautiful range. Designed to open at the lip instead of closing in, this item is made from lead-free crystal. It focuses on opening up and clarifying the spirit as it flows over the lips and tongue rather than channelling the aromas towards the nose.

Its thistle shaped body and short stem make it light and easy to handle, while the glass itself is thin and not too bulky. Reidel Vinum is ideal for anyone who prefers not to be overwhelmed by the nose of their Scotch, but it is best avoided if you like to add ice to your drink as it is rather delicate and lacks space, with a capacity of just 7 ounces.

The NEAT Whiskey Glass

The NEATNEAT is an acronym for Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology, and this uniquely shaped lead-free piece has only recently emerged into the arena of whiskey glasses. This product has been designed with science in mind, creating a large surface area of whiskey in order to maximize the amount of vapor evaporation to facilitate nosing.

Like many other whiskey glasses, the neck tapers inward to concentrate the aromas but then, more unusually, widens back out again to allow the diffusion of the harsh alcohol for a smoother drinking experience. This piece is pleasant to hold and can hold 2 ounces of your favorite Scotch. This is the official glass used for the prestigious San Francisco Spirits Competition, and so you can be sure that it is popular with connoisseurs. Although its appearance is a little strange, many people appreciate its unusual style.

Whiskey Tumbler

tumblerThe traditional whisky tumbler is perhaps the most iconic and recognizable of all whisky glasses, maybe because it is the type of glassware most commonly portrayed on TV and in movies. Although there are some benefits to choosing the classic whisky tumbler, it may not be the best choice when it comes to savoring all of the elements of your favorite Scotch.

While the standard tumbler is comfortable in hand and easy to sip from, its non-tapering shape means that the aromas are not concentrated towards the nose, leaving them to escape from the tumbler, limiting the drinker’s pleasure in nosing the amber nectar. On the other hand, a classic tumbler is perfect for enjoying all kinds of whiskeys and has plenty of room for adding ice or mixers to your drink. Both plain glass and cut crystal versions of the traditional whisky tumbler are available to suit your style preference.

The Shot

the shotWhile the shot glass may not be the ideal choice for anyone who wants to take their time over their Scotch and savor its unique aromas and flavors, it is perfect for those who want to enjoy a social event or bar experience over the oaky richness of their whisky. Designed to hold a small volume of liquid, these glasses have a thick base to withstand regular use and are perfect for slamming a bourbon straight, or any other quick pour type of alcohol.


HighballIf you like to drink whiskey in cocktails, the highball (or hi-ball) is perfect. With its simple style and thick base, it is ideal for mixing drinks with its tall profile that gives additional space for extra ingredients and ice. Although the highball may not be the choice of the average Scotch aficionado, it has a well-earned place among any Scotch glass collection.

On The Rocks With Ice Ball Maker

On The Rocks With Ice Ball MakerIf you like to drink your whiskey chilled, this will be an ideal choice. Every set comes with its own silicone mold which can be filled and frozen to form a single solid ball of ice that will outlast a standard ice cube. The shape of the glass has also been designed to accommodate the ice ball perfectly, enabling the drinker to swirl their Scotch without having to worry about spillages.

JoyJolt Carre Square Scotch Glass

JoyJolt Carre Square Scotch Glass

If you’re looking for stylish whiskey glasses that are sure to make an impression, these old fashioned JoyJolt Carre square 10oz Scotch whiskey glasses are a perfect choice. Strong and sturdy enough for use even where breakages are a concern, these unique bourbon glasses have been made by hand by talented artisans to a stunning architectural design.

Presented in an attractive embossed gift box with a strong magnetic closure, these glasses make an ideal gift for any occasion. Whether you’re searching for the right present for a special occasion or whether you’re simply keen to savor your favorite Scotch or whiskey in style, these dishwasher safe glasses are protected by a one-year satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind. 

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

Corkcicle Whiskey WedgeIf you find that the burn from your whiskey spoils your enjoyment of the amber nectar, the Whiskey Wedge is the perfect tumbler to choose. With its clever slow-melting wedge, your drink will be chilled but not watered down.

Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glass

Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glass

When only the most unique and beautiful whiskey glasses will do, these Dragon Glassware Diamond glasses are sure to tick all your boxes. Inspired by the beauty of diamonds, these glasses have an unusual shape that is sure to enhance your tasting experience as it allows the drink to aerate perfectly as it’s poured then swirled in the glass. This makes it the perfect choice for serving Scotch, bourbon, whiskey and wine.

These glasses boast a gravity-defying design, positioned at a 50-degree, anti-rocking and spill-proof tilted angle that is eye-catching and elegant. Lead-free, crystal-clear and made from the highest-quality glass, this beautiful glassware is suitable for everyday use since it is both freezer and refrigerator safe. Whether you’re searching for a stunning gift or the ideal bar accessory, these glasses come in luxurious gift packaging ready to present to a special someone. 

Orrefors Intermezzo Blue

Orrefors Intermezzo BlueA truly unique design, every Intermezzo glass has a beautiful hint of color to its stem to set it apart from other types of glassware. Created from dishwasher safe crystal, these modern glasses have been designed by Erika Lagerbielke to bring contemporary class to any bar.

Everest Whiskey Glass

Everest Whiskey Glass

This inspiring and bold whiskey glass set has been 3D modelled taking its inspiration from the world’s highest peak – Mount Everest. These Scotch glasses have been created to be a symbol of the pursuit of life goals and bold ambition, with the shape of the famous mountain crafted into the base with only its summit breaking through. 

Intricately detailed and crafted by hand, this unusual and unique premium glass makes a perfect gift or ideal addition to your home bar glass collection. Made using complex hand-blowing techniques, each glass takes over 12 hours to reach completion, and no two glasses are identical. 

Made from 100% ultra-clear, lead-free glass, this glassware boasts stunning clarity to showcase the taste and appearance of your favorite drink, while its smaller 8.5oz size makes it a wonderful choice for both male and female hands.

Schott Zweisel Titan

Schott Zweisel TitanDesigned in the old fashioned style, these chip, scratch and breakage-resistant Tritan crystal glasses hold up to 9.5 ounces of your favorite whisky, and are even dishwasher safe to guard against clouding and discoloration no matter how many years they are in use.

Whiskey Stainless Steel Lowball Glass

Whiskey Stainless Steel Lowball Glass

These definitely are not your traditional whisky glasses. These 10 ounce 304 stainless steel lowball tumblers are perfect for sipping your favorite scotch in style. With their double-walled design, they keep your hot drinks warm and cold drinks pleasantly cool for much longer than a regular tumbler, while preventing build-up of condensation on the outside. These glasses also come with 1-year warranty.

Cristalleria Fratelli Fumo SET

Cristalleria Fratelli Fumo SETThis set of beautiful whisky glasses are made in Italy and make an attractive addition to any collection. The heavyweight, crystal clear glasses are decorated with a 24K, double-sided zig-zag pattern which was inspired by Versace, and which can be seen from both inside and outside. These tumblers are presented in a stylish hard-nested gift box which also contains a “Cristallaria Fratelli Fumo” pamphlet informing the purchaser about the history of the company. This glassware is an ideal gift for any birthday, wedding, housewarming, anniversary or graduation.

Old Fashioned (Set of 4)

Old Fashioned (set of 4)Ideal for a first time collector of great value crystal barware, this stylish set of four old-fashioned whisky glasses from the famous Reed and Barton company has been crafted with brilliant clarity. European artisans have paid close attention to detail on each piece, making this glassware a modern and handsome choice, especially when paired with quality table linen.


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