How Much is a Bottle of Macallan?

Macallan is one of the whiskies that is most popular with avid whisky collectors, with an excellent reputation for its high quality and superior flavor. Some of the rarer expressions of this whisky are worth thousands of pounds and the cost of this premium product is always on the rise. Although there is no doubt that Macallan is an expensive Scotch, the buyer can be assured that they are getting a product that has a long, illustrious history, a quality brand name and a lot of prestige. Even the bottle itself speaks volumes about its quality, with its appealing lettering and stylish labelling.

So how much should you be prepared to pay for a bottle of Macallan whisky? Here you can see a current price list for the full range of Macallan whiskies as of October 2016. All prices are for the 750 ml size bottle.

macallan v6 whiskey
Macallan V6 – $3,899.99 – With its aroma of marshmallows, fruits, pepper and toasted oak, this premium quality whisky combines vanilla, nutty and ginger flavors topped off with a finish of malt and mulled wine spice for a true taste of the Highlands.

macallan reflexionMacallan V5 Reflexion – $1,699.99 – as one of the decanter series, this quality whisky has an ideal balance of spice and citrus. Its medium and soft finish makes this a perfect luxury drink.

macallan 25 yoMacallan 25 YO – $1,399.99 – this whisky has been referred to as a Rolls-Royce among single malts. Matured exclusively in a sherry oak cask for at least 25 years, this richly colored whisky is satisfyingly complex and has all of the flavor and aroma of smoke, chocolate orange and dried fruit.

macallan fine oak 21 yoMacallan Fine Oak 21 YO – $429.99 – similar to Macallan’s 15 year old malt, the Fine Oak 21 year old whisky is even drier and expresses more of the delicious spicy and floral notes found in its younger cousin. Its woody notes and flavors of spices and dried fruits are especially prominent on the palate. 

macallan 18 yoMacallan 18 YO – $214.99 – this complex and outstanding single malt has been matured for at least 18 years at the Macallan distillery in a Spanish sherry oak cask. This whisky enriches the palate with its wood smoke, orange, spice and dried fruit flavors and promises a finish that is as smooth and elegant as it is full bodied. 

macallan fine oak 17 yoMacallan Fine Oak 17 YO – $219.99 – part of Macallan’s prestigious Fine Oak series, this whisky has been aged in sherry and bourbon casks. Its multi-layered citrus notes bring sweetness to the palate with an accompaniment of bright fruit and dried spice together with a hint of smoke and nuttiness. This whisky is the ultimate in refined sophistication. 

macallan fine oak 15 yoMacallan Fine Oak 15 YO – $97.99 – this complex yet delicate single malt has been matured for at least 15 years at the Macallan distillery in their own special blend of American and European bourbon and sherry seasoned oak casks. This combination of casks ensures that the drinker enjoys the best of this whisky’s smooth flavor. 

macallan 12 yoMacallan 12 YO – $43.99 – having been matured for at least 12 years at the Macallan distillery inside a Spanish sherry oak cask, this full bodied single malt is a classic. Delightfully smooth on the palate, this whisky conjures up flavours of wood smoke, spice and dried fruits and combines notes of sherry and flowers in its smooth finish. 

macallan fine oak 10 yoMacallan Fine Oak 10 YO – $45.99 – part of Macallan’s Fine Oak range, this silky, honey sweet whisky delights the drinker’s nose with its piney, supple and buttery aromas, while tantalising the palate with its cedar and vanilla traces. With its pleasant fruitiness, the backbone of this whisky is its vanilla bean and sweet grain flavor. 

macallan edition no 1Macallan Edition No. 1 – $115.00 – a debut whisky from a new and limited edition series which will be released on a yearly basis, the Edition No. 1 is a celebration of Macallan’s policy of oak cask management. This whisky reaches maturation in no less than 8 distinct American and European oak cask styles to produce a whisky that is multi-dimensional and exceptionally rich. 

macallan rare caskMacallan Rare Cask – $299.99 – Crafted in a first fill sherry seasoned oak cask and hand-picked from under 1% of the maturing casks at the Macallan Distillery by Macallan’s Master Whisky Maker, this quality whisky is delicious when sipped neat, or with a drop of water added to open its aromas and impressive flavor. 

macallan travel series 1940sMacallan Travel Series 1940s – $306.00 – a true reflection of the war time era in Scotland, this whisky is part of the Macallan Travel series and has a spirit that reflects the kind of whisky made during the 1940s. With less sherry wood than more recent expressions, this lean Scotch has a rich, peaty flavor. 

macallan 1995Macallan 1995 – $1,530 – this special edition whisky from Macallan was bottled to be included in Easter Elchies’ seasonal selection. With its bourbon-like profile and sherry-like flavoring, it boasts strong overtones of liquorice, bitter chocolate and orange liqueur. This is a very rare whisky with only 285 bottles having been drawn from the cask. 

macallan 30 yo sherry oakMacallan 30 YO Sherry Oak – $6,122 – this is a famous and old expression of Macallan’s 30 year old whisky, entirely matured in a sherry oak cask. This edition is the last of its kind before the Fine Oak series was introduced and also boasts the brand’s original wooden box packaging and traditional bottle shape which was recently discontinued in the 30 YO series. 


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