Home whiskey Macallan Gold – All You Need To Know About This Whiskey

Macallan Gold – All You Need To Know About This Whiskey

Macallan Gold – All You Need To Know About This Whiskey

Arguably one of the best-known whiskies on the market, Macallan has a long and illustrious heritage having been founded in Moray, Scotland as long ago as 1824. Today, it is owned by The Edrington Group Lit and is a well respected and famous brand.

The 1824 series is a relatively new addition to the Macallan line, and the Macallan Gold is part of this selection. Made from different whiskies which have been resting for between nine and fifteen years in first fill and refill sherry casks, this spirit has a stunning dark gold color that gives it its name. This is an entry level spirit, coming in at around $45 a bottle, and yet despite its affordable price tag, this whisky is surprisingly approachable and delicious.macallan gold whisky in autumn leaves

Its aroma is especially sweet with overtones of buttery and creamy sugar and toffee. There is a distinct fruitiness there too, combining the citrussy flavors of marmalade with the spicy grape flavors of raisins and sultanas. Lingering in the background, there is just the tiniest hint of honey which adds a little more depth. While the nose may not be especially complex, and for some may be a little too light, for this price point it is delicious and flavorsome.

When it comes to the palate, again the Macallan Gold is highly recommended with a silky smooth texture, and medium weight which has just the right mouth feel to satisfy. Your palate will be tantalised by the waves of dried fruit flavors that bring more than a hint of the festive season with them, giving way to citrus notes with the all of the spiciness of cinnamon. For those who prefer gentle flavors, the Macallan Gold is a perfect choice as there is virtually no peppery spice on the palate, but instead, there are bolder barley notes that result in a well-balanced dram that is easy and pleasurable to drink.

Unfortunately, after the pleasure of the palate, the finish of the Macallan Gold comes as a bit of a disappointment. There is a definite bitterness left over in the mouth which has more than a touch of burnt chocolate about it, and this does come as a let down after the tasting experience. Overall, the finish is the least enjoyable part of this whisky.

macallan gold and glassesWhile Macallan is often said to be the Rolls Royce of whiskies, the Macallan Gold does not quite live up to expectations. While the fruitiness on the palate and the sweet aroma are delightful, the flaw of the bitter finish leaves this liqueur somewhat lacking. The luxuriousness and richness that Macallan is so famous for does not quite shine through with the Gold, although it is important to remember that this is the entry level product of the distillery’s core range and, in that respect, there is a lot to recommend it. While some people love this spirit, others prefer the standard Macallan 10, so you will need to make your own mind up. What better excuse to give it a try!


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