The difference between various Whiskey types

types of whiskey

When it comes to whiskey, there are many different types. They are made with different ingredients in different ways which are what gives each one its own unique aroma, color, and flavor. There are many different grain types used like barley, malted barley, maize, rye, and of course wheat.  It is common among for each finished product to be stored for aging purpose in an oak barrel or cask. How long it is left there before bottling for distribution varies.

The selection of which whiskey is the best is a matter of personal choice. Each person’s palate will have a different preference and the fun can be in tasting the different varieties until you find the one you love the most. This, of course, can take some time! Here we have just a sample of the different types of whiskeys that you can use to start your journey in finding your preference.

Country Preference Whiskeys

Scotch Whiskey

Malted barley and peat dried barley are used to make this popular variety of whiskey. It is fermented to 140 proof, then distilled and then corn-rye whiskey which is fermented to 180 proof, is blended with it. This process from Scotland creates a light bodied smoky flavored whiskey.

Irish Whisky

Many believe that nobody know whiskey better than an Irishman. Except maybe a Scotsman!  The Irish whiskey is a blend of half barley and half oats. It has a taste that is all its own and must be sampled to appreciate.

Canadian Whisky

Of a Canadian will tell you their whiskey is the best of them all. It is typically made with corn and may also have barley, rye or wheat in it as well. It is distilled at a high proof and then filtered just prior to bottled. It is stored in a new barrel or sometimes an old barrel where it is left to age for two years resulting in a slightly sweet, light whiskey.

Bourbon Whisky

Many people think that there is bourbon and there is whiskey, when in fact, it is one and the same. This product is made in America and is one the finest alcoholic beverages made in America. There is a minimum of 51% corn and is distilled to a minimum of 160 proof. It is then stored in newly charred oak barrels which creates the full body and sweet taste.

Grain Whisky

This whiskey was first made in the 1930’s and is made of malted and unmalted barley, apart from the grains like maize and wheat which are used to make grain whiskey. Used in blends of others, this is one whiskey that is good when consumed alone.

Rye Whisky

This is not the most popular of all whiskeys and typically used with mixed drinks. It has a heavy body that comes from a fermented mash of at least 51% rye. It is a favorite among true whiskey aficionados.

The Malted Whiskeys

Malt Whiskey

This whiskey is made from malted barley following the traditional method of letting it ferment in an onion-shaped pot and then distilling it. It is the most available and popular whiskey.

Single Malt Whiskey

This whiskey type comes from only one distillery, thus it is never blended with any other whiskey type. A pure malted barley that will be marked with the distillery trademark it comes from.

Vatted Malt Whiskey

A vatted malt whiskey is made from the blending of several different distilleries. The labeling of this whiskey will be denoted with “Malt, “Blended Malt” or “Pure Malt”.

Other Whiskeys

Blended Whisky

This whiskey is typically blended grain whiskey and malt whiskey. The grain whiskey is a lesser quality taste and the malt whiskey blended with it improves the quality. It comes from several different distilleries, thus creating the “blend”.

Cask Strength Whisky

This whiskey   is bottled immediately from the cask and is never diluted, creating a high alcohol content.

Straight Whiskey

This whiskey is distilled at 160 proof which is what creates its aroma, body, and the full flavor it   offers. There are no additives other than water and ages for two years in oak barrels that have been charred. The name on the label is dependent upon the type of grain that is dominantly used in the mash such as Straight Corn Whisky that is made from corn and Straight Wheat Whisky that is made from wheat.

And Last But Not Least

Pure Pot Still Whisky

As the name would indicate, it is a pot-till distilled whiskey by mashing barley that is malted and unmalted and comes from Ireland. Return to homepage to read more about whiskey.


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