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Wine Accessories

Choosing the right bottle of wine may present itself as a challenge, but it is also equally important to select the appropriate wine accessories to accompany it. If you want to get the most out of your favorite wine, whether serving it to friends or hosting a formal party, using the right glassware and accessories is essential to enhancing your experience.

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are a form of glass stemware used for tasting and drinking both red and white wines. Made up of three parts – a stem, a bowl and a foot, it is always important to choose the right style of glass to match the variety of wine that you are drinking as the shape of the glass will influence your perception of the drink.

The glassware’s shape is able to concentrate the aroma and flavor of the drink towards the drinker’s palate and so to enhance the enjoyment of the beverage. Most wine glasses have a stem, and, although stemless versions do exist, they are generally used for casual drinking. Stemmed glassware is considered to be more appropriate for a formal occasion and it comes in a range of shapes and sizes to suit particular wine varieties.

Red wine should be enjoyed from a glass with a wider, rounder bowl as this improves the oxidation of the wine, allowing the oxygen from the air to interact chemically with the wine, altering its aroma and flavor for the better. There are several different glasses that are suited to white wines, including the traditional tapered flute which is best for Champagne or sparkling wines and the shallow, wide glass from which Chardonnay is traditionally drunk. Most white wines require less oxidation than red wines and therefore need a glass with a smaller mouth as this reduces the liquid’s surface area, preserving its clean, crisp flavor.



Wine Decanters

A decanter is not only a visually appealing and stylish way to serve wine, but it also serves a practical purpose to aerate and improve the flavor of the drink. Made from a range of materials including crystal and glass, a decanter holds the contents of a bottle of wine and allows the sediment to be separated from the liquid before serving.

One of the main purposes for decanting wine is to allow it to be aerated, speeding up the process of oxidation in order to release aromatic compounds which smooths out the tannins in the wine. This improves the taste of the drink, allowing the aromas to be released more effectively and the taste to be enhanced. When choosing an elegant and sophisticated-looking decanter, the aesthetic value of the drink is also increased, creating a better impression in the mind of the drinker and acting as an attractive decoration on the dining table.



Wine Aerators

An aerator is a useful and functional device which enables oxygen to flow through the wine, improving its flavor and making it more robust. The oxygen in the air allows the individual ingredients in the drink to be enhanced, bringing them to the fore and resulting in a taste that is smoother and more dynamic. Saving the drinker the hassle of decanting the bottle, an aerator enables the wine to be served straight from the bottle.

Wine aerators are available in a number of styles including hand-held pour-through devices, in-bottle designs or gadgets which fit onto a decanter. Made from various materials including contemporary stainless steel, modern plastic or attractive glass, aerators are not only practical but can also add visual appeal to your bottle.



Wine Stoppers

Anyone who has ever opened a bottle of wine will be aware of the familiar problem of how to reinsert the cork to save the remainder for another day. This is where a wine stopper can prove to be an essential accessory. Wine stoppers are useful gadgets which replicate the cork’s original seal, enabling the wine to be stored safely in a fridge or on a counter without risk of leakage or of spoiling.

Available in a wide range of materials including nylon, neoprene, silicone, rubber, plastic or stainless steel, these inexpensive and attractive devices are appealing and incredibly useful, with some designs even allowing oxygen to be removed from the bottle with a hand pump in order to extend the wine’s lifespan by a number of days after the bottle was originally opened.


Cork Holders

A cork holder is a fun and unusual way to preserve your wine bottle corks and to keep them as a memento. Available in a range of styles from traditional boxes to unique map styles, animal-shaped holders, holders in the shape of world landmarks and many more exciting designs, a cork holder is an attractive and functional way to make a work of art while enjoying your favorite wines.

A cork holder is an attractive addition to any room and makes a wonderful gift for any wine connoisseur or enthusiast who would appreciate a stylish way of keeping the corks from all of their most-enjoyed tipples.


Wine Holders

Most wine connoisseurs are aware that wine must be stored correctly in order to gain the greatest enjoyment from it when it is finally opened. Unless the bottle is going to be consumed very quickly, it is always best to store wine on its side and this is where a bottle holder proves to be a useful accessory. A bottle holder or wine rack holds the bottle in a horizontal position which prevents the cork from becoming brittle as it dries out.

Available in table top, free-standing or wall-mounted designs, bottle holders come in a range of materials from glass to wood or stylish metal and can hold anything from a single bottle up to an entire case of your favorite tipple. Not only do wine bottle holders serve a functional purpose but they are also visually appealing and add a decorative touch to any home, making them a popular accessory for any wine enthusiast.