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Best Wine Aerators

Best Wine Aerators

The purpose of a wine aerator is to filter air into the wine in order to enhance its flavor and to make it smell more appealing in a shorter space of time, thus ensuring a more smooth taste overall. An aerator forces the air to circulate through the liquid allowing the wine to release more aromas while softening the tannins in it. This prevents the drinker from having to wait an extended period for their wine to breathe as an aerator speeds up the oxygenation process to just a few minutes. Aerators are ideal for casual meal situations, especially if time is a major factor.

Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter

Zazzol Wine Aerator DecanterIf you don’t want to wait around for your wine to breathe, the Zazzol wine aerator will do the job in a matter of minutes thanks to its hassle-free design which allows no drips or leakage as it features no aeration holes to the side. It also ensures that there will be no overflowing problems associated with rapidly pouring wine into an aerator that has too small a cavity. With its globally patented design, the Zazzol aerator uses a multistage aeration system that is even more effective thanks to its three-step process. Firstly, the wine is dispersed effectively over a cone before draining through thirty two holes. The final step allows air to be injected into the tube before allowing the wine to exit through the bottom into a glass. This enables the wine to spread thoroughly to efficiently mix with the oxygen and break down the tannins that cause bitter flavors allowing for a more balanced finish every time. This aerator is easy to fit and has an elegant appearance, being presented in a multi-purpose gift box that makes it ideal to give a wine enthusiast as a present, and it is also protected by a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator

Vinturi Essential Wine AeratorThis wine aerator from Vinturi features a patented design that allows the perfect amount of air to be mixed with the wine allowing it to breathe instantly by increasing its velocity while decreasing its pressure. This delivers more enhanced flavors, a better bouquet and a smoother finish. A convenient way to oxygenate your favorite red wine, this aerator comes complete with a non-drip stand, and as it is manufactured from glossy acrylic and is dishwasher safe, it is easy to care for.

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer – Premium Aerating Pourer and Decanter Spout

Vintorio Wine Aerator PourerThe Vintorio wine aerator ensures effective instant oxygenation for your favorite red wine thanks to its Bernoulli Effect air intake system and large aerating chamber while allows the optimal amount of oxygen into the wine. With its ribbed and tapered rubber stopper, a leak-free seal is created on bottles of every size and the ergonomically slanted and notched acrylic pouring spout allows for simple pouring with no drips. Cleaning is also effortless as it can be quickly disassembled and cleaned under running water. Made from quality materials to an elegant design, this aerator is made from FDA approved materials and also benefits from a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee.

Vinluxe PRO Wine Aerator, Diffuser, Pourer, Decanter

Vinluxe PRO Wine AeratorThe VinLuxe aerator allows your wine to taste fantastic in just a few seconds. When using a decanter will take too long, the VinLuxe adopts a patented 3 step process to fully aerate a glass of wine in less than a minute, 300 times more quickly than a decanter. Having been awarded 5 stars by experts, this aerator comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee as well as a free travel pouch.

Soirée Red Wine Aerator Decanter

Soirée Red Wine Aerator DecanterThe Soiree aerator improves all of your favorite red wines with a single pour, transforming standard bottles into a fantastic flavor much more quickly than using a traditional decanter. Having been recommended by Zagat and the Wall Street Journal, this product comes with its own drying rack and aerator stand. The special design of this aerator ensures the optimal amount of air contact with the wine to make it taste as if it had been breathing for an extended period and its 5 ring gasket will fit perfectly on virtually any wine bottle. It can even be used with white wines. This aerator comes with a money-back guarantee for the purchaser’s peace of mind. Designed in the USA, this is an ideal gift for any wine lover.

Rabbit Wine Aerator Pourer

Rabbit wine aerator pourerDesigned to fit on every bottle type, the Rabbit wine aerator pourer efficiently oxygenates the wine to improve its flavor and quality in just a few moments. Made from polished stainless steel and silicone, it will enjoy a long lifespan, and it is incredibly easy to use by simply inserting into the neck of the bottle. The wine will swirl through the aerator before reaching the glass, improving its bouquet without the long wait that is necessary when using a decanter. Easy to clean, this product also comes with its own storage case for extra convenience.

How To Use A Wine Aerator?

Wine always tastes better when oxygenated as it allows a better flavor profile to be developed. Traditionally, this was accomplished by pouring the wine into a decanter, or just letting it rest in a glass. However, it can be more quickly and easily achieved by using an aerator. There are lots of types of aerator on the market in a range of sizes and shapes, all offering different features. However, they all fulfill the same function – opening up the wine to improve its bouquet and flavor in a short space of time when compared to traditional decanting.

Using an aerator is not a difficult process if you following these simple steps:

  1. Choose the type of aerator you wish to use. There are two main types, one which is held over the wine glass and through which the wine is poured from the bottle, and one which fits directly into the neck of the bottle. The style which fits into the bottle is usually cheaper, easy to carry around and simpler to clean, while hand-held varieties tend to be bigger, more expensive and more likely to break if they are made from glass. However, they may be a little more effective in infusing a greater amount of air into the wine stream.
  2. wine aerator type 1Open the bottle of wine and pour it through the aerator. If you are using a bottleneck style of aerator, push it into the neck of the bottle and ensure a snug fit. Tilt the bottle and pour as normal. If you are using a hand held version, hold the aerator over the wine glass and pour the wine from the bottle through the large opening to the top. The wine will then filter through the nozzle at the bottom of the aerator into the glass.
  3. Let the wine remain inside the glass for as long as possible as this will further improve its flavor. You should also swirl the liquid before drinking to incorporate even more oxygen.

Reasons You Need A Wine Aerator

reasons for wine aeratorWhile some people do not see the need for a wine aerator, the majority of wine connoisseurs recommend one to make even an ordinary bottle of wine taste better. Aerators ensure that the wine is fully oxygenated in a short space of time so that its flavors and aromas are maximized as allowing wine to breathe ensures that it can have a smoother taste with all of its accents highlighted. Here are the main reasons to use an aerator:

  1. Aerating your wine makes it taste infinitely better with softer flavors and released aromas that allow it to reach its full potential.
  2. It is an efficient and rapid way of allowing wines to breathe, much faster than using a decanter which requires you to wait for some time. An aerator will oxygenate your wine instantly.
  3. An aerator is a wonderful gift for any wine lover on a special occasion.
  4. Aerators enable the drinker to make the most of each drop of wine. When using a decanter, you run the risk of having to throw away any leftover wine, however, an aerator allows the drinker to aerate their wine one glass at a time, enabling them to replace the cork in the bottle once they have finished drinking and to save the remainder for another day.
  5. Using an aerator makes even a cheap wine taste more expensive, giving you more flavor for less cost.


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